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Provide Your Loved Ones with Quality Obituaries in NH

Published: June 29, 2015

When a loved one passes, a lot of time, effort, and thought is spent securing the concrete details of the funeral service itself: Scheduling the memorial or service itself, the wake, calls to other loved ones, and of course managing the cost of the funeral itself. In some cases, families are caught unaware when it’s time to produce their deceased’s obituary. When it comes to obituaries in NH, Anctil-Rochette & Son handles every aspect of the complex process for you so you can focus on honoring your loved ones properly.

Producing quality obituaries is an art unto itself, and this is something our funeral directors understand and are ready to expertly handle for you. With help from you, we’re able to craft meaningful obituaries in NH and send them out to all the relevant publications.

To help create a moving and complete obituary, here some things to keep in mind during the process.


More than anything else, an obituary must be accurate. Dates should be double and triple checked. It helps to draw out a rough timeline, using written-out date formats. Similarly, names of children and relatives should also be double and triple checked for accuracy and spelling errors. Correct addresses for wakes and funeral services need to be complete and accurate in order to ensure smooth arrivals for those wishing to pay their final respects.

The Deceased’s Qualities

If you have the time, it can be well worth it to sit down with other loved ones close to the deceased in order to brainstorm memories, impressions, or anecdotes about that person. Often times, stories unknown to others can serve as inspiration, and can provide the obituary with warmth and specificity. Something as simple as the kind of music the deceased listened to, or a profession they might have worked at some point in their lives helps add detail and inform readers.

Use Active Language

Finally, don’t be afraid of utilizing active prose in an obituary! If the deceased sang, skied, raced, or was an avid bicyclist, make a note of it. An obituary is a written remembrance of someone, often remembering them as they were at the peak of their life. These kinds of experiences help elevate the obituary from simply being a long string of facts, dates, and names.

We hope that this brief guide has assisted in you some small way during your planning process or time of grief. Writing obituaries in NH can often be challenging, but we’re always willing to help you out.

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